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Weigh it up: Is it better to build your own or buy ready built?

  Is it worth going to the troubles of having your premises built for you when theoretically it’s easier to buy a property that’s already established? As a building company you obviously expect us to be biased towards building – and we are quick to acknowledge that we probably are – but for good reason: The advantages of building are as follows: The presentation and image of … [Read more...]

Investors:Did your bank tell you have to achieve 50% in pre-sales to get a bank loan?

If you’re an investor in commercial or industrial property unit development, you’ve probably heard the banks have upped the stakes – demanding that 50% of your new building needs to be pre-sold before they’ll agree to finance the project. As with many commonly held beliefs this isn’t necessarily so. A lot depends on how the project is presented. We have done deals where few or no pre … [Read more...]

Having your own business premises: It really is worth considering

If there’s one thing that adds value to a business it is ownership of its own premises. Not only doesit provide the opportunity for the business (or business owner) to own an asset that can appreciate in value, it provides an avenue to earn a long term income stream for the owner into the future. Another good reason for assessing the possibilities of owning the premises is that with current … [Read more...]

Rejected by his own bank – here’s how this business owner acquired new building finance

When the owner of an auto accessories business needed finance to build new premises for his expanding business he took what he thought was the logical step of visiting his bank. To his surprise he was told they couldn’t advance him the funds as they felt he would not be able to service the loan. Mapel Building, which had produced a plan for the new building, suggested he discuss the … [Read more...]

Are you aware – The current market conditions make this an outstanding time to build?

April 2016: Are you aware that current market conditions represent an outstanding time to build a commercial building, either as an investment or as an alternative to leasing premises for your business? The reason for this is that a number of favorable factors are lined up to create an absolute ‘stand-out’ period in which to build. The tempo of non-residential building in W.A has slowed … [Read more...]