Know What Is Involved And What To Expect.

Over 90% of Mapel Building’s work is completed by a process called the Design & Construct method.

Design and Construction has significant advantages for the Owner and Builder when managed by a professional, experienced and suitably qualified company such as Mapel Building.

These benefits include:

Reduced time for completion. A minimum saving of 6 months can typically be achieved by this method.

This results in less cost in interest payments during construction, earlier occupation and operation of the building,  minimising loss of rent or productive output of your business.

We have included a chart as a graphical representation below of the time saving economies and process comparison so you can further assess the benefits of this system for yourself.

Standard workflow system and design implementation, allows us to use the same details or process over again on the next project, saving you money.

One point of contact throughout the project. Streamlining of instructions and one stop accountability and liability for the work performed.

Cost driven outcomes are established early on without significant cost expense or costly design rework to alter the project design or scope and approvals to meet cost budgets which would not otherwise be obtained until the last  minute before construction.

This provides peace of mind of fixed costs throughout the design and construction phases for accurate   project profit forecasting and business planning.