Weigh it up: Is it better to build your own or buy ready built?


Is it worth going to the troubles of having your premises built for you when theoretically it’s easier to buy a property that’s already established?

As a building company you obviously expect us to be biased towards building – and we are quick to acknowledge that we probably are – but for good reason:

The advantages of building are as follows:

  • The presentation and image of your business in a new property is likely to be far superior to what you’d get in an established building.
  • You will avoid initial repainting and other maintenance costs.
  • You’ll generally be able to claim more in the way of depreciation with a brand new commercial building.
  • The building will be custom-made for you and will feature today’s required fittings.
  • There is the possibility of a capital gain when the property is revalued after construction.
  • Buying Established means you are paying somebody else’s margin on their investment rather than lining you own pockets for the future.


If new premises could be a possibility for your business, why not call us to discuss what your business needs?

We can supply concept drawings and firm pricing on your development options.
Our experience covers the construction of large and small scale factories, workshops, warehouses, offices, showrooms and retail and commercial unit developments.
We also have significant experience building other structures such as medical centres, schools, and community use facilities such as gyms, auditoriums and churches or places of worship.
Co-Owner, Director and Registered Builder, Andrew Roberts can be contacted on
9456 1955 or by email: andrew@mapel.com.au to discuss your project requirements.


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