Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mapel Building’s policy in regard to sourcing local products and materials?
    Wherever possible, we endeavour to source locally made or supplied products and local labour or subcontractors. This ensures the quality of the products and work that is built into every Mapel Building is of the highest standard, and that the money we spend stays in WA.
  • Where do I start?
    We would be pleased to meet you for an obligation free initial consultation, with one of our friendly staff to discuss your options. We can offer advice on land, area, size, purpose and much more. Our team have over 200+ years of combined experience and completed over 300 projects to date. As one of the most skilled and experienced commercial construction companies in Perth, Mapel Building provides a complete one-stop-shop of commercial building service.
  • How many years have you been in business?
    Mapel Building was established in 1993 and is a second-generation family-owned and operated business.
  • Does Mapel Building have in-house architects and engineers?
    Yes! With an in-house registered architect and structural engineer, our design solutions will not only look great but be highly buildable. Given access to our in-house estimating capacity, our design solutions will also be refined and cost-efficient building solutions for your next commercial or industrial building. This way, we rain sole responsibility for the; initial design development, design progression, approvals and construction documentation preparation as well as subcontractor and supplier management, client liaison and construction management.
  • What sort of confidence should I expect to have in Mapel Building?
    The majority of our work is provided by means of positive recommendations by current and past clients, and the quality of construction witnessed onsite on projects bearing our builders sign. We are a small family run company who hold very similar values to our clients most of whom operate similar size companies. We have operated since inception without need to establish an overdraft account, and maintain a strict regime of providing prompt subcontractor payments and forthright and honourable dealings in all that we do. This has led us to be the builder of choice not only for Owners but also for many of our subcontractors as well, for their own developments and also as a preference for whom they choose to supply their goods and services to.
  • What types of construction projects does Mapel Building contract?
    Mapel Building is a commercial and industrial builder and we regularly undertake projects between $250,000 (+ GST) and $5,000,000 (+ GST), by way of tender or design & construct. We undertake work to build warehouses, showrooms and factory units, to office buildings, shops, schools, churches, community buildings and medical centres, to large scale industrial sheds as well as commercial and industrial building extensions, fit-outs, alterations, refurbishments, renovations, repairs and maintenance. We possess experience in a variety of industries, and we are prepared to take on any new challenge. Visit our Completed Projects page for details on the various types of projects we have completed over the years. Should your project fall outside of this band please contact us fill out the contact form and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.
  • Does Mapel Building offer project management services?
    Yes! We offer a complete range of high-quality project management and advisory services, whilst ensuring safe practices, time efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our project management system will ensure that every aspect of your project is compliant, on specification and scalable to potential changes in the brief along the way. From cost planning, risk analysis and approvals to tender preparation, our construction management team utilize our proven systems to bring your project full circle.
  • Are there any types of work that Mapel Building does not undertake?
    Mapel building currently does not cater for work involving aspects of; – Residential Construction; – Standard or mass produce Farm Sheds; – Multi-Storey (high-rise being more than two-storey construction) and inner-city work; and – Design work on work that is to be constructed by others. Customers should beware of operators claiming to specialise in all areas of construction as there are many instances where this is not the case. We always recommend that you source an expert to undertake a project for you this way you can be assured of the best outcome possible.

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Mapel Building – Since 1993

As a second-generation family business, Mapel Building has been designing and constructing commercial and industrial buildings in Perth, Western Australia for over 25 years.

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